Damn you, M-18 film!!

Darn it, I have been wanting to watch the latest M-18 movie, The Final Destination (2009), which aired last Thursday, 27 Aug. Due to the urge to watch the movie, I came up with a plan to sneak into the movie. It seemed foolproof at first but it ended up in failure. Let me tell you what my plan was and what happened. All this happened yesterday, Monday 31 August

My so-called 'foolproof' plan:
1. Buy a ticket for a PG movie that starts around the same time as Final Destination. (In this case I chose Bandslam, which started at 2:40p.m., 10 minutes later than Final Destination.)
2. Choose a day when the cinema would most likely be deserted.<--- reason for step 5 (I was wrong..... The cinema was flooded with people that day)
3. Go to the cinema.
4. Give the ticket person the PG ticket and enter.
5. Walk as I normally would into the Final Destination theater instead of Bandslam. Sit on any empty seat, preferably in the front so that I won't sit on someone else's seat.
6. If someone is catches me, give an excuse and walk back to Bandslam and wait for a while.
7. After 5mins, go to the toilet and return to the cinema.
8.Enter Final Destination with a group of people.
9. YAY!!!!

What happened:
Steps 1 to 4 went perfectly. Until.... I saw a man standing in front of the entrance to Final Destination. :o
I assumed he was the guy who checks whether you're 18 yrs old. I hesitated for a while, maybe 10 seconds. Then he stared at me. Thinking that my plan was going to fail, I headed to Bandslam. I was sure it was all over. But there's still hope. 30 minutes later, I went on with step 7. After returning from the toilet..........
HE WAS STILL STANDING THERE! With all hope lost, I proceeded into Bandslam and tried to enjoy the average movie. Dammit, I'm so sad. :(   Man, I'm never going to do this again. It really hurts your conscience when you're trying to sneak in.

P.S. Use this at your own risk. I will not be responsible for your actions if you decide to do what I did. You will bear all the consequences if you get caught.. 8P

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