Eurobeat rocks!!! and so does Initial D

I just added a new music widget. It's on the right side of my blog. I hope that you will at least try to listen to one of them :) Tell me what you think of eurobeat. I want to know what other people think about it as I do not know of any friends who listen to them.

Anyways, eurobeat goes very well with racing and drifting. Here's an example:     Enjoy!

Well, here's some background info about eurobeat. (From wiki of course!)
"Eurobeat" is also directly related to the Japanese Para Para dance culture, but in a completely different way. The anime series Initial D, based on the manga by Shuichi Shigeno, uses Eurobeat music regularly in its episodes during racing scenes between the characters, and because of this it has come to the attention of some anime fans outside Japan.

While modern music is often recognized by its lyrics, Eurobeat is recognized not primarily by its lyrics, but by its synthesized chorus known as the Sabi (short for Sabishigaru, not to be mistaken for the Japanese Wabi-sabi), which means "to remember someone or something" in Japanese. This of course refers to the generally acknowledged fact that you mostly remember the Sabi as opposed to the stanzas of the Eurobeat song. This broad genre can create a great number of different "sub-genres" within it because of this combination of harmony and rhythm. Sometimes it can still sound like the old disco music we know, sometimes it can be very "fast and happy" like Happy Hardcore or Speed Music, and occasionally it even uses guitars as a method of Saiba.Eurobeat also has notoriety for name recognition, lifting titles from popular songs and using them as the names of Eurobeat tracks. Examples are "Like a Virgin", "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", "What is Love", and "Station to Station."

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