The lonely driver

I am feeling quite sad right now because I have no one to share my thoughts with. Thoughts about cars that is! haha! Since young, I never had a friend who shared the same interest as me. It would be wonderful if I knew someone who loves cars and drifting. Everytime I go to the arcade to play racing games, I play alone. Sometimes I go with my elder brother. Although he shows some interest in cars, it's very little as compared to mine. Furthermore, he ummmm..... How do I put this? Ummm, let's just say he sucks at racing and driving. hahahahahazz :)

I don't know why, but this has not bothered me until now. Whenever I think about cars and I turn around, there's nobody there to talk to. sadz :( *sigh* I wonder when I will find a fellow racer. At least I have many friends at school. hehe. So if you are a Hai Sian that loves cars, it won't hurt to just chat right? If you love Initial D, even better! I'm from 3E2 btw.

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