Why was I so stupid??

Remember the guy from my previous post? He's not what I thought he was.....

Today, I went to the cinema again with two of my friends. We bought tickets for "Where Got Ghost". I wasn't planning on watching Final Destination or whatever. Just wanted to enjoy a movie. After we gave our tickets to the ticket collector, we proceeded to watch our movie. On the way, I realised something that filled me with some kind of weird feeling. Something like regret and stupidity mixed together. The guy whom I thought was the one who checks whether we're eighteen or not was standing right there, on the EXACT same spot as last time!!! Same guy, same spot.

Feeling blur with too many thoughts, I asked my friend where theater hall 5 was. The man overheard me and said, "Go straight and turn right."    *Gasp* He's the person who tells us where to go to, not to check our age!

*FLASHBACK* It was a coincidence that the Final Destination theater was behind him last time. And I made a wron assumption that he was supposed to check our age. I felt like I could hit my head against the wall.

Perhaps this was God's way to prevent me from doing something bad. So, that's that. My dumbness and stupidity = no M-18 film @_@  

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