Fishing for crabs :D

Today, my father brought me to go fishing umm... i mean crabbing at some area at the edge of Pasir Ris. We had a quick stop at E!hub to buy snacks, drinks and of course, icky, slimy, smelly prawns for bait. After that straight off to the fishing area! Well, it was not like I imagined. It was a small pond-like fishing spot. Beside it was a bigger pond for fishing fish.

After putting on the icky bait, I threw the line in the water and waited. And waited and waited and waited. After some pulling of the line, I finally got a bite. Yay!!!! :D I pulled hard. Then it dropped back into the water. :(  After numerous tries I finally got one! Woohoooo!! I had a fun time over there with my father. :) The crabs were like little warriors with their oversized pincers and all but my father is a crab killer! muahahaha We pulled crab after crab out of the water. In the end, we managed to catch 8 crabs. That wasn't much.... And it cost us $26!!!!!!

Here are the pictures!!!!

"Grrrr... I'm gonna pinch you!!!" 

They are cute lovers though! Hahahaha

My Dad fighting with the crabs

What a nice fountain

 The Crab Pond

Mmmmm... Yum yum...

"It's a big one down there!"

Ready for the wok!

The crab monster

 Soooo nice....
(I don't like to eat crabs btw)

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Etiquette Dining @ Marina Mandarin Hotel

 I apologise to everyone for not updating this blog for a long time. Just too lazy to update and take pictures. 

The Maths Rep Duo!!!
Geng Yi and Me

Yesterday, 5 Nov 2009, all the secondary 3 express pupils went to Marina Mandarin Hotel to dine in style. This could not have been done without the etiquette course conducted by Miss Audrey Quek on Tuesday 3Nov 2009. She won Miss Singapore world 1999 and Most Beautiful Mum 2007. Anyway, all of us got hyped up by this dinner and we dressed our best to attend the dinner.

The hotel itself was very grand. The ambiance was beautiful. The whole hotel was lit by dim, orange coloured light which made it appear romantic. Great for couples!! hehehe The food was very delicious but I had a hard time eating it because I was not used to use the utensils the proper way. The food just refused to stick to the fork. After some practise, I managed to finish all the meals.

I managed to take some pictures after the dinner but we were soon asked to leave. Forgot to take pictures while eating because the food was too nice.Sorry! :) Here are the pics!!

Gabriel, Joel, Winston and Xian Wen

Yew Kit and Michael Jackson!
Hahahaha Just kidding! It's me.

Jiang Seng and Eddy


  Joel and Me

The 3 Jokers

Gabriel and Winston
You want to buy insurance? Ask them. xD

The elevators in the hotel. It's so high!!!

The many many floors of the hotel.
I wonder if they'll ever run out of rooms.

ahh.... so romantic.......

A spectacular view outside the hotel.

That's all for now. Will update soon! :D Cheers!