Fishing for crabs :D

Today, my father brought me to go fishing umm... i mean crabbing at some area at the edge of Pasir Ris. We had a quick stop at E!hub to buy snacks, drinks and of course, icky, slimy, smelly prawns for bait. After that straight off to the fishing area! Well, it was not like I imagined. It was a small pond-like fishing spot. Beside it was a bigger pond for fishing fish.

After putting on the icky bait, I threw the line in the water and waited. And waited and waited and waited. After some pulling of the line, I finally got a bite. Yay!!!! :D I pulled hard. Then it dropped back into the water. :(  After numerous tries I finally got one! Woohoooo!! I had a fun time over there with my father. :) The crabs were like little warriors with their oversized pincers and all but my father is a crab killer! muahahaha We pulled crab after crab out of the water. In the end, we managed to catch 8 crabs. That wasn't much.... And it cost us $26!!!!!!

Here are the pictures!!!!

"Grrrr... I'm gonna pinch you!!!" 

They are cute lovers though! Hahahaha

My Dad fighting with the crabs

What a nice fountain

 The Crab Pond

Mmmmm... Yum yum...

"It's a big one down there!"

Ready for the wok!

The crab monster

 Soooo nice....
(I don't like to eat crabs btw)

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