Pasta sauce in a drink carton

Like pasta? Love the mouth-watering smell of the herbs and the mushrooms in the tomato sauce? Well, I doubt you will like this drink:

Want to know how bad it tastes? Then, imagine the tasty traditional pasta sauce. Warm, sour and filled with all sorts of ingredients. You can smell the herbs as well. Now, imagine diluted Maggie Tomato Sauce. After that, combine them together in a cup filled with ice cubes. That's how bad it tastes, for me, that is.
Curious on how it looks like? 
 I can't believe I wasted $1.69 on this. >.>
Well, at least there's something good about it.
                   At least there's vitamins in it. or are there? lol
So, if you love cold pasta sauce in a cup, this is the drink for you. 
But hey, I didn't say it was all that bad. Since it tastes a lot like pasta sauce, I enjoy it with potato chips. lol I just tried that today. No seriously, it's great as a dipping sauce or for cooking. My mum just used it all up to cook 'tomato chicken'!

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